SAP’s problem with Business ByDesign

  SAP has created a wonderful product with Business ByDesign. So why is it not selling?  First off, SAP seems to misunderstand ERP.  That seems odd since they are the kings of ERP and have sold more of it than anyone else in the world.  However, they seem to think that the cloud somehow makes […]

Why Are There ERP Failures?

When companies buy ERP software they have usually gone through some type of evaluation process.  They have developed their needs list, identified a short list of vendors, and seen demos of how those needs can be satisfied.  So why then do we continue, after all these decades, to have so many ERP failures? Two major causes […]

The Pareto principle (the 80-20 rule) and how it applies to ERP implementation costs:

The implementation consulting group tells the customer that he can get 80% of what he needs for $50,000.  The customer then makes the assumption that getting the final 20% will be another $10,000 or maybe in a far out case $20,000.   But if we apply the Pareto principle we see that 20% of the cost […]

How ERP can help guide a business in redefining its processes:

Many organizations need to review their business processes and streamline them. An ERP implementation is the perfect time to do that. The ERP system provides a defined structure around which to start. Instead of starting with a complete open playing field and trying to brainstorm a solution we can start with the ERP system and […]

Are you a tactical or strategic ERP buyer?

There are two common approaches to the acquisition of ERP software.  The approach can normally be defined as either Tactical or Strategic. When a tactical buyer is asked what he needs, his response may be summed up in a statement such as: “all we want is”, followed by a list of pain points associated with the […]

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